21 tips to protect your property while on vacation

When you find everything in full swing, it is the best time for vacations! Whether you plan to go on a resort or spend a month backpacking around Europe or North America, you can easily get caught up in the excitement of planning your trip and losing track of taking care of your home for your absence. Having a plan in advance will take away your concern and will help you focus on what’s in priority: relaxing.

A few days before you leave for vacation, review these guidelines to make sure of your home safety while you’re away.

Protect your home from intruders

  • Make sure to lock every door and window including garage doors and windows on basement and upper floors. Test the locks to ensure they work properly.
  • Remove any spare house keys if you have it hidden somewhere around the house. Thieves know all the popular hiding spots: your car or garage, inside a fake rock, under a doormat, under a potted plant, etc.
  • Put away whatever burglar-enticing valuables seeable from your windows from outside and do not leave them in plain sight.
  • Burglars typically look for valuables in the bedroom or the living room, hide precious items like jewelry and electronics in the kitchen.


Protection against the weatherprotect your home

  • Secure yard furniture or anything else like kids toys, yard decoration, BBQ grill, etc., and unplug all non-essential electronics.
  • Make sure the gutters are clear from debris and downspouts and the drain is unobstructed to avoid probable basement flood and roofing damage.
  • Leave the heat on low during colder months of the year and protect your pipes from freezing.
  • Make sure the weather stripping on all exterior doors, including the garage door, is intact and seals tightly when closed.


Make it look like you‘re around

  • Install timers for your interior lights and possibly a radio to give the impression that someone is home in the evenings.
  • Have a neighbor take out your trashcans and recycling for you.
  • Ask a trusty neighbor to pick up your mail.
  • If your trip takes more than a week, make sure someone takes care of your lawn. In wintertime, ask someone to shovel your sidewalk and driveway if it snows.
  • Leave a car in your driveway if you can, or even better, ask a neighbor to park in your driveway while you’re away.


Maintain your privacy

  • If no one’s staying in your house, don’t post anything on social media before or during your vacation. If you must share photos while on vacation, make sure the social media profiles you’re posting to cannot be viewed publicly.
  • Make sure your friend or family doesn’t, inadvertently, make your absence public in social media with statements like “ Hope you’re having a great vacation in Mexico! See you when you’re back next week.”
  • If your car is in long-term parking at the airport, don’t leave anything inside that can lead thieves to your home (e.g. portable GPS device, papers with your address on them, etc.)
  • If you are traveling with your car leaving your garage empty make sure to cover or frost garage windows. Otherwise, it’s obvious that your car is gone and you’re not home.


Have someone watch over your house

  • Ask a trusty friend or neighbor to drop by your house periodically to make sure everything is fine.
  • If you have a neighborhood watch, let them know the dates of your trip and when to expect your back.
  • Get a remotely accessible home security system with Black Knight Security to be able to periodically check in your home while you’re away. This would notify you as soon as anything out of ordinary happens in your home and you can take action from wherever you are.

It is simple to secure your home when you’re on vacation. You just need to plan in advance, consider all angles, and you are safe. Black Knight Security, and its trained team of experts, is always here to assure you of your security and your peace of mind.