Arming department stores and retail stores with a multi-camera surveillance system reduces shoplifting and improves the customer experience.

Loss prevention is the primary goal of any department store’s security system. With the right video surveillance installation you can be assured of theft prevention and protection of your store’s assets. This is while precise surveillance provides safety for customers and employees at your retail or department store.

Advantages of Camera Surveillance for Retail Stores

Loss prevention– Shoplifting and inventory shrinkage are the most important concerns for department stores. Camera surveillance can act as a deterrent and cut down on losses. Cameras spot any suspicious activity and if an action of shoplifting happens, cameras perceive the action and allow security staffers to be aware and be quickly deployed to the scene.

Theft and Break-ins– with constant surveillance at department store, you can protect your store and staff from break-ins and theft after work hours.

Crime investigation– Recorded videos by camera surveillance provides extremely useful evidence for crime investigations and helps a lot for suspect identification.

Employee Theft– employee theft is common in retail stores and it is an important problem. Camera surveillance deters this activity because of having the quality of capturing visual evidence of workers while stealing stuff from the store.

Monitoring Customer Service– Providing welcoming customer service for customers at retail and department stores can bring them back to the store. Cameras can help employers to monitor their employee’s behavior and can make sure of welcoming customer service atmosphere at the store.

Monitor Customer Activity– Along with other security advantages of video surveillance, it can help for store planning. Managers can track the number of shoppers at certain times of the day and plan employee schedules based on that.

Digital Storage– with Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and Network Video Recorders (NVRs) you can have your recordings stored digitally instead of clunky cassette tapes, in need of large storage spaces.

Distant Control– IP surveillance system, having a network of cameras and stream footage, can be viewed and controlled remotely from any authorized PC, which is connected to the Internet. With some cameras, like instant IP domes which are very practical and popular for department stores, you can even have remote-control panel and zoom functions.

Risks of Surveillance Cameras at Department Stores

Privacy– you need to consider in areas like employees break rooms, bathrooms and dressing rooms installation of security cameras is breach of privacy, while its widely accepted in public areas all through out the retail or department store.

Vandalism– Try to be vigilant! In the event of tampering store cameras by a thief or employee, other security measures should make up for it.

What do you need to consider when you want to choose the cameras?

When you want to pick a functional video surveillance system you need to consider the following factors:

  • Is shoplifting a common problem at your store?
  • Has employee theft incidents happened a lot in your store?
  • What is your annual inventory shrinkage?
  • What kind of cameras are you using right now?
  • Are your security staffs actively present in your store?
  • Have there ever been instances of crime and theft in the store’s parking lot?
  • What type of product are you selling at the store?
  • Are some spots more vulnerable for shoplifting?
  • How does your neighbourhood area affect the security of your store?

Installation Advice

  • Install your security cameras in a way that you can cover all entrances and exits to the store to control the flow of customers and track all shoppers entering and leaving.
  • Ceiling-mounted dome cameras can provide thorough views of the sales floor and individual aisles, so they can be good options.
  • You need to install cameras near cash register to cover views of transactions, and to protect cashiers from break-ins or any robbery attempts.
  • Install cameras at stock rooms to deter employee theft.
  • Install video cameras to view parking lot areas.

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