Are you looking to purchase efficient, precise and professional video surveillance systems? Then you are most likely interested in adding in an infrared security camera and thinking about the idea is quite easy, finding the right model can really take quite a lot of time, especially if you want home installation Vancouver and all the other important stuff that suits your needs.

Remote video access control

This is a feature that all good infrared security cameras should have. Of course you just can’t find it on all models, that’s for sure, but the idea to actually have a remote video access control is very important. Being able to control your camera remotely is a true necessity to be honest, and that on its own can make a difference for sure. It might take a little time to get used to the controls, but being able to control an infrared camera from afar and do that in a precise and efficient manner is very important.
Cost Of course, any video surveillance systems can be costly, and that is especially true if you are looking for home installation Vancouver as well. Sure, your budget might differ when compared to other persons, but that’s one of the things that are truly important here, the ability to find one that suits a price range you are comfortable with.

Color or not

If you have the extra cash to spend, you can obtain an infrared security camera. It might not sound like much at first, but the difference between the two models is seen for sure, especially during the times with a lot of fog. The color models, albeit more expensive, are quite precise and that on its own delivers a ton of value for the end user.


While all the infrared video surveillance systems are precise and deliver a good quality all around, you have to note the fact that their connectivity does differ a little bit. Some are wired, others are wireless and there are quite a few that connect the system via an IP, using a computer. Depending on your needs and connectivity requirements, you might end up using either of these.

Indoor or outdoor systems

The video surveillance systems can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, so it does come down to figuring out what you need as the results can be well worth it in this regard.

Light sensitivity

Some models are light sensitive and others are not, so you do need to figure out which one is best. Usually you need to try and find a model that is not light sensitive, since it can come in handy, but either type of model works as long as you can use it.

In the end, all criteria types presented in this article will help you find the best video surveillance systems on the market, especially if you want to find an infrared model. Try to focus on infrared sensitivity, if it has home installation Vancouver and so on, but also see if it includes remote video access control a well!

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