What’s the difference between CCTV and Surveillance?

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We know that there is a lot to know. Knowing the difference between CCTV and Surveillance is a great start to finding the solution you need.

CCTV and surveillance

When looking for CCTV security systems for business different terms come up. The term CCTV and surveillance are always generalized to mean the same thing, but there are many differences between them. In general, CCTV and Surveillance Cameras both work in advanced technologies. CCTV (Close-circuit television transmits to a signal located some distance away while surveillance camera work on IP networks that are connected to security cameras on a remote location to the main location.

Camera Applications

Unlike in the past where cameras were only used to capture images, these days, camera applications have increased with some serving as devices for protection and security. Thanks to technology, different types of cameras continue to be invented some of them being the CCTV and Surveillance cameras that are being used in both private and public sectors thanks to their wide range of benefits.

Close-Circuit Television (CCTV)

Close-Circuit Television (CCTV) is a video camera installed in a specific place for security purposes and can be viewed on a specific monitor screen. It uses the video cameras with an advanced visual capturing technology to transmit signal from a specified place to the monitors.

CCTV Technology

CCTV uses sensor technology and high megapixel cameras to capture and record videos from a specific area. They have therefore helped in hacking, finding crimes and capturing all sorts of illegal works happening within a particular area. It collects and stores the evidence for references if need be.

Surveillance cameras are also referred to as automatic number plate recognition and also function on advanced video camera technology. They are used for transmitting, receiving, processing, storing, and checking images. They are connected with the IP network that connects the network from a remote place to a specified security area. They are used in both private and government premises to secure the places.

They are highly efficient and beneficial hence have gained a lot of importance in many sectors. Unlike the CCTV, surveillance cameras cover a wider area since they work on IP connections and are, therefore, applicable in capturing and recording videos from long distances.

CCTVs in Malls and Shopping Centres

CCTV security systems for business are often found in Malls and shopping centres. CCTVs are widely used in malls and shopping places to avoid unknown losses. The reason for this, it cuts down on theft. They are mainly used in enclosed places such as buildings since they cover a smaller area. On the other hand, surveillance cameras are mostly installed outdoors such as in roads to survey traffic issues and any criminal misconduct that can happen on the streets and other public places. The government uses these cameras to protect its citizens by capturing criminals.

All businesses & Public Sectors

All businesses and public sectors that require CCTV or surveillance camera installation around the Vancouver BC area are all covered by Black Night security that provides high-quality and efficient cameras for business security. The cameras cover a wide range of businesses including the banking sectors, schools, manufacturing plants, etc.

Make an Informed Decision

It is important to know the differences between the two to help you make an informed decision when buying based on your needs. CCTV cameras do not come with the best quality images and can only go up to 720 HD which is perfect for some businesses. Businesses that require higher qualities beyond 720 HD should, therefore, choose surveillance camera.

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