Access Control System

Access control system has lots of benefits. Security access control secures your property.

What makes high-rise residential security different from commercial security with its own unique challenges is that people call it home. To call a place home, you are urging it to be highly safe and secure. If you have a security issue, it affects your private life. When you talk about a mall or retail security, it’s not as vulnerable as your home place because there is more exposure to personal vulnerability in the later.

You can find many benefits to having Access Control System in your residential high-rise. The most crucial benefits are listed below:

  • Cross out untraceable keys or non-programmable access devices and create true access and tractable access of the people who enter your property. This can help to trace the log in and log off dates and identifies the people as well.
  • this means you can define accessibility for different people like; a contractor, a weekly nurse, pool cleaning company, landscaper, etc. Through this accessibility can be defined for their special zone of practice and they won’t have access to other areas.
  • this gives you the flexibility of pre-programming lock and unlock times of doors and gates for community functions or Holidays. Through this you can save on payroll because you don’t need to extend man-hours to manually lock or unlock doors.
  • you can decide on defining the accessibility to one person any time and you can limit than person’s accessibility to a specific area or you can give him/her access to the entire site instantly. And this can change anytime you decide to make other decisions.


Installation of Security Camera System gives you complete Access Control System, which provides you with legal forensic evidence of whatever happens under your surveillance in the area under your control. Benefiting CMS software integrated with DVR or NVR recorders, providing Facial View, License TAG Capture and overview of the event is easily and tactfully at hand.

Make your home safe and a better place for your family with Black Knight Security and let us build your security on a regular basis and long time relationship. Out finite goal is your satisfaction.